Alison Martino featured on the nationally syndicated show “The Insider”

Alison has appeared multiple times on the nationally syndicated television show, “The Insider”.

In an extended segment on March 5th, Alison was interviewed by Insider host Michael Yo on the evolution of the Sunset Strip from it’s heyday in the ’60s through its current “architectural nervous breakdown”. From The Doors at the Whisky, through John Belushi hanging out at the Rainbow, and Prince performing at the House of Blues, Alison gives her unique insight from having grown up right in the center of it all. Also included are additional interviews with Bruce Vilanch and Billy Corgan.

On April 6th, The Insider brought in Alison again to discuss the impending demolition of the Sunset Strip’s “Hustler” building, which will be replaced by an exclusive “members only” club.

As segments are available online, links will be provided below.

The Insider: Hollywood’s Sunset Strip: Iconic or Thing of the Past?

From the 1960s through the 1990s, the Sunset Strip was the epicenter of American music. For years, legendary artists like the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Guns N’ Roses played the nights away at iconic clubs like the Roxy and the Whisky a Go Go. But the one and a half miles of famed pavement through West Hollywood, Calif., has seen its heyday come and go, and some of the most recognized buildings are being replaced by high-rise hotels and condos.

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10 hours ago

Vintage Los Angeles

Chez Jay is full of vintage relics like this historic faux sea shell clam that was saved from PACIFIC OCEAN PARK during the 1960s. 🐚 ... See MoreSee Less

Chez Jay is full of vintage relics like this historic faux sea shell clam that was saved from PACIFIC OCEAN PARK during the 1960s. 🐚


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And the Ribeye is to die for !

I remember on TV, a movie or what, a diver got his foot stuck in a giant clam. It would be cool if it was on "Sea Hunt" but that's a wish.

Loved P.O.P. as a kid. This clam shell must have come from the entrance.

Omg! It’s what I was asking about earlier in a previous post with your Mother. Where is this hideout in relation to the old POP aka Pacific Ocean Park? Anyone know? My Uncle and Aunty lived just blocks from here and I went at least once a month to the park. So incredibly fun . . so long ago.

Wow.."More fun than anything, Pacific Ocean Park" Loved that place as a teenager...

Anything POP related makes me SO happy! 🐚🌊🎢🎡🎠

Nothing like a man-eating clam shell to spruce up the place. Thanks for saving it.

Where is this? This looks like a place I saw in Florida.

Jay Fiondello ran the place in early 70's and maybe earlier.

Omgosh .. memories of POP ❤️☺️🎡🎢🎠⚓️

The first place I ever had steamers. Thought I was quite the gourmand.

Thats a big shell wow..Must be over 8 feet wide....

I do love this place. ♥️

Eric Dugdale


Kyle 🐚

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