Alison Martino featured on the nationally syndicated show “The Insider”

Alison has appeared multiple times on the nationally syndicated television show, “The Insider”.

In an extended segment on March 5th, Alison was interviewed by Insider host Michael Yo on the evolution of the Sunset Strip from it’s heyday in the ’60s through its current “architectural nervous breakdown”. From The Doors at the Whisky, through John Belushi hanging out at the Rainbow, and Prince performing at the House of Blues, Alison gives her unique insight from having grown up right in the center of it all. Also included are additional interviews with Bruce Vilanch and Billy Corgan.

On April 6th, The Insider brought in Alison again to discuss the impending demolition of the Sunset Strip’s “Hustler” building, which will be replaced by an exclusive “members only” club.

As segments are available online, links will be provided below.

The Insider: Hollywood’s Sunset Strip: Iconic or Thing of the Past?

From the 1960s through the 1990s, the Sunset Strip was the epicenter of American music. For years, legendary artists like the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Guns N’ Roses played the nights away at iconic clubs like the Roxy and the Whisky a Go Go. But the one and a half miles of famed pavement through West Hollywood, Calif., has seen its heyday come and go, and some of the most recognized buildings are being replaced by high-rise hotels and condos.

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So sorry to report of yet ANOTHER institution closing...

According to an inside source, Fiddlers Bistro is being forced to close on July 2nd after 44 years because of another instance of the landlord refusing to negotiate a reasonable rent for them. It's basically another "cat and fiddle" type situation. It's just so sad losing all our little neighborhood mainstays. Let's hope they can find another location like 'the fiddle' successfully did.

BTW, It is not easy for me to consistently announce funereal news, but I feel this page needs to know as I receive word. 😰

1 hour ago

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Vintage Los AngelesI'm not sure what this means for the park plaza lodge hotel connected next door49 minutes ago   ·  2
Alison LassHave eaten there with my parents many Sundays "after church." Was the place we had breakfast last year where I told my dad (with my mom who already knew) that my husband wanted a divorce. A most devastating moment at a place of comfort. A place we'd been many times and shared good and bad news and experienced life and good food and people watching. Wow this news is very, very sad.52 minutes ago   ·  2
Rick BeaverI find it very sad that Los Angeles is not the cute, wonderful city it once was. It used to be so wonderful living here and all that has changed. Everything now is about money and how much you can sell or rent a place for. Most homes in nice areas are now selling for over a million dollars. The middle class people are being driven out and LA is becoming a rich man's paradise. Basically, some of it has to do with the younger generation wanting everything bigger, modern and more dense. It is a shame that anything old has to be torn down because it is not good enough for them.10 minutes ago
Scott MooreIt must be terribly difficult to post these. I, for one, am very grateful to you for keeping those of us who no longer live in Los Angeles up to date with ALL the changes. Happy AND sad. Thank you, Alison.44 minutes ago   ·  1
Sean BoyleI suspect the motive behind "unreasonable rents" being thrust apon many long established and successful bussiness lately is due to a cutthroat form of what is commonly known as "gentrification" of a neighbourhood or bussiness block. My city, though not as culturally significant as L.A, is going through the same kind of dirty pool tactics as well. Many places suddenly go out of bussiness thus allowing, in many but not all cases, a Shady Contractor, a Wrecking Ball Operator and a Back -Hoe Operator to swoop in and raise a wonderful bit of classic architecture to the ground and then immediately make plans to construct some sort of "modern day" cookie cutter monstrosity in the way of what they call "progress". My fear is all the "cool" bits I wish to visit will be leveled before I visit L.A. **shameful**2 minutes ago
Machek KoziolKinda funny everyone is surprised about all these restaurants closing. What did you all think would happen when everyone voted for massive minimum wage increases?22 minutes ago   ·  1
Poppy DunneIf anyone has leads on new jobs for the waitstaff, please reach out. They're lovely, professional people who I hope can land on their feet quickly.9 minutes ago
Lance LaShelleThanks for the info! Always sad when a familiar place closes doors. **Where was Fiddlers? I've been away from LA for a while. ALSO, is Hamburger Hamlet still around ? My fav!!23 minutes ago
Mike WrenThank you for these posts. We always have tried to support the independent businesses and we are always sad to see them forced out by the greed that seems to be everywhere. .....same old story.30 minutes ago
Kevin ParcherPlease continue to let us know; sad but essential news and I appreciate it because in many cases I wouldn't know otherwise..53 minutes ago   ·  1
Steven de MenaThanks for letting us know. I live across the street in Park La Brea (for 47 years!)40 minutes ago   ·  1
Tracey Lee BrownNo, no, no, no! It took them forget to rent that slab next door, so what do the landlords think they'll get out of this?32 minutes ago   ·  1
Justin AusmanThere's alot of empty store fronts and places in Los Angeles. How are these land lords making money with empty spaces?54 minutes ago   ·  1
Russ BickersAnother one of my fav eateries closing against their wishes. I had my retirement dinner there.53 minutes ago   ·  1
St TierneyOne of my favorite Hollywood restaurants. This is horrible news.36 minutes ago
Sam DeleonThanks! I haven't been there in years; will go back once more before their last day.59 minutes ago
Kathie WoodThat's sad, use to eat lunch there when I worked in Cal Fed's design dept.28 minutes ago
Mary KnappIt's over with in Santa Barbara for sure ! No soul here ...14 minutes ago
Marika Jett HickeyNooooooooo. My dad and his friends used to drink there too often.2 minutes ago
Brendan BarryI live on Martel and hate this news. Such a great neighborhood mainstay1 hour ago
Sandra WillardNo! We go there for breakfast all the time. These greedy landlords.......45 minutes ago
Anna StatmanLove fiddlers. Loved it when it was up on beverly too. I will miss it. Been a. Ig part of my la53 minutes ago
Jaclyn TaylorMy mom loves this place. I've never been. I'll have to try to get there before they're gone.15 minutes ago
Carole A. Hoilien McNairGREED!57 minutes ago   ·  1
Laura Foster FranksPoppy Dunne...did you hear about this???25 minutes ago

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